(13th of April, Bell's Hotel, South Melbourne)

Take action, re-invent yourself. Make a Life Resolution for 2013' as all of this can be changed... Stop Surviving and Start Living! Become the Master of your Destiny, Live with Passion, live with purpose. Say Yes to a new life!

Let this event help you create a life journey full of joy, passion, excitement and fulfilment. I have seen lives transformed the moment the inner focus shifted and a new life direction was born. I will prove this to you at this event. This is a promise, and I can't wait to over deliver!

The change starts with you... the choice is yours... Are you ready?

This event is completely FREE. There is no risk on your part, no need for excuses and nothing to loose except, your limitations!

Only limited seats are available, so, don't wait, register now!

I look forward to seeing you all there.




Success Stories & Testimonials

"I am no novice in participating in workshops. Over the years I have done many courses on self empowering, business net working & spiritual principals. All valuable in their own way, but non so powerful as this workshop.

Paolo's workshop is the glue that brings it all together . It's thought provoking, challenging & exciting it has given me the tools to make the changes in my life that I have only dreamed about.

As soon as I recognized the potent power of my thought's and their relationship with my perceived outside world. The synchronicity's & miracles started happening! Literally within the first few hours of the workshop. I received a text from someone that offered me an opportunity that I have been dreaming about for the past two years. When I eventually spoke with them, they commented on how I kept popping up in their mind & that how they just couldn't wait till Monday to contact me. That was only the beginning. As the weekend and my week unfolded more life changing miraculous events began to present themselves, each in perfect synchronicity, and in the most unexpected ways.

Set yourself free & live your life to your fullest potential. I have! You won't believe it until you experience it for yourself, it's pure magic!

Thank you Paolo for being so dedicated to your life's journey & sharing your knowledge and giving us the tool to change our world. You are a blessing to anyone who has the desire to make a difference."

Genii Mammone
(Seminar Attendee)


“Wow! I look back on the life I used to live and the reality I used to be trapped in and I shake my head and laugh. Meeting Paolo was the biggest turning point in my life so far. Learning from him allowed me to access many parts of myself I didn't know existed. He is an amazing teacher, guide & friend.

A man with many, many years of actual experience & not just philosophy.

My life will never be the same & that of the people around me in my environment. Meeting & spending time with Paolo is a life changing experience I urge you to experience him."

Glenn Adams – Public Speaker, Business Coach to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Kenworth.


“Meeting Paolo was a life changing experience. He helped me see things about myself that were limiting me and introduced me to amazing teachings that are life altering.

Life has never been the same for me; I have manifested things that are extraordinary and breath taking through his guidance and knowledge of self.

I highly regard him as someone very evolved and a truly respected friend.."

Jay Ban, UK, Banker.



"Dear Paolo,

I would like to thank you from my heart and soul for allowing me the opportunity of acquiring your given knowledge. And for your beautiful company including the extra time that I was blessed to have with you.
You truly are a gorgeous soul.

It was when I left Jamieson and was driving down the golden road with emerald trees along the side, some of which having ruby leaves. And hills of smoky quarts with birds sparkling as diamonds in the sapphire sky. Did it then all really hit me with an overwhelming feeling of love and joy to be alive. I was then aware of my manifestations that started to happen instantly. I am so happy to be living and now knowing that everything is possible, I don't know what to manifest first. My body is tingling with inner power. Blessings"

Julie Sharman
(Seminar Attendee)



"Hi Paolo, l would like to thank you for a wonderful weekend l have had a huge shift in energy since the weekend l can allready see the difference and have been spending the majority of my time meditating and manifesting, l have a number of awesome new manifestions that l am about to recieve and is very exciting to see how quickly they will be delivered.

l would love to come to the one day workshop to absorb more knowledge and have a number of people that would like to participate in future workshops. Its amazing how much l have allready starting using the insight that you shared in my days so far it was just the boost l needed before l head of for a vision quest in three weeks time...

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and energy and l look forward to the next inspiring encounter."

Garth Stone
(Seminar Attendee)



"Dear Paolo
Firstly we would like to acknowledge directly to you our appreciation for the extensive work you have put into the seminar. You are doing an awesome job!!!!

Our conscious minds could not escape the good 'butt kicking' it got while being re-modelled. This did however leave us feeling exhausted....nothing a little sleep can't fix! (WOW what amazing dreams I've had since, would like to share a couple with you later)

Our awareness has been hightened beyond expectation. Warm regards"

Cath & Dave
(Seminar Attendees)


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